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Little Rock Air Force Base welcomes you to STEM Fest, part of the Thunder Over The Rock Air Show! (Updates to this information can be found here.) We are expecting up to 15,000 students on Friday and are relying on your expertise and supervision to ensure a safe and educational event.
Beginning at check-in, students are allocated thirty minutes in each Zone, (ABDEF for K-5, ABCDF for grades 6-12), and an additional thirty minutes for meals or aircraft viewing outdoors. Please arrive at registration as a group with an accurate headcount of students and adults. Administrative teams from the DOD and AR Dept. of Education will be on hand.


We’re so excited for your students to attend the STEM Fest Field Trip! There are so many amazing exhibits for them to learn from — download our Welcome Guide for information on features and more.

With different zones for different age groups, there is something for every student! Our Welcome Guide will explain more about each exhibitor and the type of exhibit they have to offer, maps and directions, FAQs and more.

Lost Child Procedures — Please ensure that all students and children have identification with their name, school, and chaperone contact information. If you find a lost child; comfort the child, determine the child’s name, remain in the immediate area, and attempt to locate chaperones. If chaperones cannot be located, you may find an Air Show staff member, uniformed military member, or call (501) 987-2222. The rally point for missing children is the Lost and Found tent immediately to the north west of Hangar 250 (the runway is north of Hangar 250).

Emergency Actions — In the case of a minor emergency, immediately notify Air Show staff or a uniformed military member. Medical aid is available at the Lost and Found tent. In the event of hazardous weather or other emergency, visitors will either be directed to shelter in place within Hangar 250 and Hangar 245, or directed back to the parking lot to depart in an orderly fashion.


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Will my students have time for every exhibit?

No, we have over a hundred activities available. We ask that chaperones facilitate a few 5-10 minute interactions and adhere to thirty minutes per zone. However, all students of are welcome to view our larger than life exhibits as they pass through each zone.

Can parents attend as chaperones?

Yes, we recommend a sufficient number of chaperones to keep accountability of your students. Home schools are limited to one adult per child.

Can chaperones drive separately?

They will be able to follow the school busses through Marshall Gate to the public parking area. Please arrive as a group.

Will student meals be provided?

No, all students must bring a packed lunch and a refillable bottle. Water is available.

Where can our students eat?

We recommend that meals be eaten outside of Air Show hours if possible. Outdoor picnic areas are available on the north and west sides of Hanger 250.

Can we bring backpacks or coolers?

Backpacks are allowed, however larger coolers are prohibited.

Will we be able to access our busses?

Adults will be able to leave and access the busses, however it will be a long walk.

Will there be food available for adults?

There will be a very limited number of food trucks available for Friday. Packed lunches are recommended for chaperones.

Can schools stay past their allotted time to view the air demonstrations?

No, however you are welcome to observe from the parking area which is immediately adjacent to the runway.

Can escorted DOD families have access to the flight line?

No, only Air Show staff will be allowed beyond STEM Fest.

Are service dogs allowed?

Yes, please make sure they are properly marked as service animal.

Is hearing protection needed?

We recommend that schools bring hearing protection, especially during aircraft performance rehearsals in the afternoon.

Is STEM Fest wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all areas are ADA compliant.

Is STEM Fest appropriate for children with sensory sensitivities?

Please be advised that STEM Fest will have flashing lights, loud noises including booming jet aircraft, and large crowds.